Jul 1, 2020

Welcome to Whatcom Family YMCA's Early Learning program, brought to you by HGRBS. We are dedicated to providing exceptional educational opportunities for young children, helping them to grow and thrive in a stimulating and nurturing environment. Our comprehensive curriculum, experienced teachers, and commitment to quality make us the ideal choice for your child's early learning journey.

Why Choose Our Early Learning Program?

At Whatcom Family YMCA, we understand the importance of early childhood education in laying a solid foundation for future success. Our program is designed to create a supportive and engaging environment where children can explore, learn, and develop essential skills.

Here are a few reasons why parents choose our Early Learning program:

1. Experienced and Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers are highly skilled and passionate about early childhood education. They create a warm and welcoming environment where your child can feel safe and supported. With their vast knowledge and expertise, our teachers provide personalized attention to each child, focusing on their individual needs and strengths.

2. Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Early Learning program follows a comprehensive curriculum that covers various domains of early childhood development, including cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. We believe in a holistic approach to learning, ensuring that your child receives a well-rounded education that prepares them for future academic and personal success.

3. Nurturing Atmosphere

At Whatcom Family YMCA, we prioritize creating a nurturing atmosphere that promotes positive growth and development. We foster a sense of belonging and encourage children to explore their interests, make new friends, and develop essential social skills.

Key Components of Our Early Learning Program

Our Early Learning program is designed to provide your child with the best possible start in their educational journey. Here are some key components of our program:

1. Play-Based Learning

We strongly believe that play is a crucial aspect of early childhood development. Our program incorporates play-based learning, allowing children to engage in hands-on activities that promote creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking.

2. Language and Literacy Development

We place great emphasis on language and literacy development, as strong communication skills are essential for future success. Through engaging activities, storytelling, and interactive exercises, we help children build a solid foundation in language and literacy, fostering a lifelong love for reading and learning.

3. Math and Science Exploration

Our curriculum includes math and science exploration, helping children develop a strong foundation in these subjects. We introduce concepts through fun and interactive activities, fostering a love for math and science and building crucial problem-solving skills.

4. Social and Emotional Development

We recognize the importance of social and emotional development in young children. Our program provides opportunities for children to practice social skills, develop empathy, and regulate their emotions. We create a supportive environment where children feel valued, respected, and encouraged to express themselves.

Enrollment Process and Additional Information

Enrolling your child in our Early Learning program is easy. Simply visit our website at hgrbs-flagship.com/early-learning and fill out the online enrollment form. We offer both full-day and half-day options, designed to accommodate your family's needs.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to reach out to our friendly staff. We are here to support you and provide your child with the best early learning experience possible.


At Whatcom Family YMCA's Early Learning program, in partnership with HGRBS, we are committed to providing exceptional educational opportunities for young children. From our experienced teachers to our comprehensive curriculum, we create a nurturing environment where children can thrive and develop essential skills. Enroll your child today and give them the best possible start on their educational journey.

Mark Nelson
Great program! 🌟👏👍
Oct 6, 2023
Charles Lynn
The Early Learning program at Whatcom Family YMCA seems like an amazing opportunity for families in the community. Education is key!
Sep 15, 2023
Brenda Taylor
The dedication of Whatcom Family YMCA to providing exceptional educational opportunities for young children is truly admirable.
Jan 3, 2023
Qiu-Xing Jiang
The Early Learning program at Whatcom Family YMCA sounds fantastic! Can't wait to see what they have to offer.
Sep 1, 2022
Drew Fletcher
It's crucial to provide young children with a stimulating and nurturing environment. Whatcom Family YMCA's Early Learning program seems to do just that! 🌟
Aug 18, 2022
Sarah Boyce
The comprehensive curriculum and experienced teachers at Whatcom Family YMCA's Early Learning program are vital for children's educational journey.
Sep 6, 2021
Heather Sell
Supporting quality early learning experiences is crucial for children's development. Great work, Whatcom Family YMCA!
Apr 18, 2021
Adreanna Gimenez
Kudos to Whatcom Family YMCA for prioritizing early childhood education! It's crucial for setting a strong foundation for children's future success.
Jan 13, 2021
Shivajee Samdarshi
Educational opportunities for young children are so important. Kudos to Whatcom Family YMCA for their dedication to this cause.
Nov 1, 2020
Erik Ruby
I appreciate the efforts of Whatcom Family YMCA in creating a stimulating and nurturing environment for young children. It's important for their growth and development.
Aug 19, 2020
Sarah Kaiser
I've heard great things about the early learning program at Whatcom Family YMCA. It's wonderful to see children being nurtured in such a positive environment.
Jul 22, 2020