Rugar - Old Dog Haven

Mar 9, 2019
Compassion Fatigue

About Rugar

Rugar is a lovable senior dog currently residing at Old Dog Haven. He is a shining example of the incredible love and companionship that senior dogs bring into our lives. Rugar has experienced a lifetime of adventures and is now looking for a warm and loving forever home. At Old Dog Haven, we believe that every dog deserves a chance to live out their golden years with comfort and dignity.

Our Mission at Old Dog Haven

Old Dog Haven is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing homes for senior dogs like Rugar. We strive to rescue and foster senior dogs who have been abandoned or surrendered, providing them with the care and medical attention they need. Our team of passionate volunteers works tirelessly to find each dog a loving home where they can live out their final years in peace and happiness.

The Importance of Senior Dog Adoption

Senior dogs, like Rugar, often face unique challenges when it comes to finding forever homes. However, adopting a senior dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience. These dogs have so much love to give and are often calmer and more well-behaved than younger dogs. By adopting a senior dog, you not only provide them with a loving home, but you also free up space in shelters for other dogs in need.

Products and Services for Home and Garden Enthusiasts

While we focus on finding homes for senior dogs, we also want to cater to the needs of home and garden enthusiasts. At HGRBS, we offer a wide range of products and services to enhance your home and garden experience. Whether you're looking for high-quality gardening tools, decorative items, or expert landscaping services, we have you covered. Our team of professionals is committed to providing the best solutions for all your home and garden needs.

Supporting Old Dog Haven and HGRBS

By supporting Old Dog Haven and HGRBS, you not only contribute to the well-being of senior dogs like Rugar but also invest in the enhancement of your home and garden. With your help, we can continue to rescue, foster, and find loving homes for senior dogs, ensuring they receive the care they deserve in their twilight years. Additionally, by choosing HGRBS for your home and garden needs, you support a business committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Contact Us

If you are interested in adopting Rugar or learning more about the services and products offered by HGRBS, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team will be more than happy to assist you and provide you with all the information you need. Help us make a difference in the lives of senior dogs and create a beautiful home and garden environment that you can be proud of!


Rugar, the wonderful senior dog at Old Dog Haven, is an embodiment of the love and resilience that older dogs possess. At Old Dog Haven, we are committed to finding loving homes for senior dogs like Rugar. Meanwhile, HGRBS caters to your home and garden needs, offering a wide range of products and services. By supporting both organizations, you make a positive impact on the lives of senior dogs while enhancing your living spaces. Adopt a senior dog today and let them bring joy and happiness into your home!